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Why Choose Innovative Mass Spectrometry?


Welcome! My name is Greg Cavey, I am the co-founder (along with my wife Amy) and chief scientist of Innovative Mass Spectrometry LLC. In a competitive CRO market, "Why choose Innovative Mass Spectrometry?" When deciding to start a mass spectrometry business I asked myself this same question. What can I offer researchers that would be a benefit to their work? In a one word answer, expertise! Whether you contact me with a question, submit samples for analysis, or collaborate on a project together, you have my 30+ years of mass spectrometry experience at your disposal. This includes having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years, academic research for 8 years and entrepreneurial space for 10 years. Because applications in mass spectrometry are vast and instrumentation complex, no one scientist can be an expert in all fields, myself included. The services we provide are the result of practicing the art and science of these applications over many years. That said we continue to learn and improve our approaches through hands-on experience, literature, professional meetings, and an extensive network of mass spectrometry colleagues. All of this to bring you the best possible service we can provide.           

Custom Analysis

Although there are standard analysis methods in mass spectrometry, standard methods don't often fit different antibodies, proteins, and organic molecules. As such, the majority of our expertise has been in methods development, tailoring standard methods or creating new methods to work with your particular analyte. This may include modified sample preparation, molecule specific mass spectrometry analysis, or custom data analysis. Our experience combined with an ability to be flexible and nimble when implementing methods is our strength. Researchers that work with us understand, appreciate, and value this key attribute.  

Low Overhead = Lower Cost

Many years of experience running a CRO like operations within industry, academic, and start-up settings combined with having built several laboratories teaches one what is truly needed and what creates unnecessary overhead. For the majority of mass spectrometry projects the latest-and-greatest facility and equipment are not needed but rather used as a marketing tool to convince clients they are getting something special and thus justify higher project cost. For projects outside our scope or capabilities we can and do provide referrals to "high-end" labs. 


Considering marketing and the who's-who of mass spectrometry instrumentation it is easy for researchers to get on the bandwagon of what mass spec is the best or needed. Often this plays out in the "numbers game" of how many proteins were identified in a sample or how sensitive is your mass spec? While this may be entertaining to some, the real question is whether a problem or question was answered no matter the instrument used. In most cases it is the combination of experimental design, adequate instrument with proper operation, and having data analysis tools and interpretation skills that answers questions and problems. With all due respect for the performance orbitrap instruments, I have favored Waters time-of-flight mass spectrometers due to their holistic combination of UPLC, mass spec performance, and user-friendly, diverse, and capable software.     

Direct Contact

Last but not least, an advantage of working with Innovative Mass spectrometry is that we are highly accessible via a phone call, email, texting, and webchat. We are always willing to discuss your project, analytical strategy, cost, data, billing, or whatever is needed to make you a satisfied client. 

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