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Mass Spec Solutions
for Your Industry


Innovative Mass Spectrometry works with biopharmaceutical companies on a regular basis, so we understand the needs of large organizations. We provide the right balance of high quality work, turnaround time, and cost to meet project goals and timelines. Projects are often challenging and collaborative requiring regular dialogue on analytical approaches based on results. In this way, we serve as an extension of in-house capabilities.

Drug Development

Innovative Mass Spectrometry supports companies of all sizes from sole proprietors to companies with large in-house mass spectrometry facilities. Many small companies don't have mass spectrometry, while some large companies are at capacity or want to shift resources. One of our biggest strengths is our flexibility to deliver a wide variety of custom analysis for antibodies, proteins, or small molecule medicinal compounds.  

CRO Outsourcing

Innovative Mass Spectrometry provides analysis for other Contract Research Organizations (CRO) that may or may not have their own mass spectrometry resources. This ranges from protein/reagent manufacturers, to larger CROs that need additional capacity, to companies that need to outsource a particular aspect of their work, such as quantitative LC-MS/MS assays.   

Academic Research

Innovative Mass Spectrometry provides services to academic researchers, even at large universities with mass spectrometry core facilities or principal investigators with their own instrumentation.  This is because Innovative Mass Spectrometry offers several specialty analyses that aren't routinely performed in academic labs. This may include:  1) protein-protein, protein-small molecule, or antibody epitope mapping studies that may require hydrogen deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry analysis, or 2) LC-MS/MS based amino acid analysis beyond the 22 proteogenic amino acids. 

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